Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lib Writer Joyce Carol Oates Upset That This Evil Man Killed A Dinosaur

Writer Joyce Carol Oates is a Writing Industry Award Winner, which pretty much tells you what That industry's awards are worth.

A quick google revealed NPR and Entertainment Weekly trying to explain this away as humor.

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    After Joyce Carol Oates sent an outraged tweet about the "barbaric" killing of an animal this ...
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    The tone of her tweet is rank, elitist, condescension. 

    "No conservation laws in effect wherever this happened?"

    It's Not Humor, It's Ignorance.

    For a writer with her prodigious output to not know what destroyed most of Africa's Elephants, is inexcusable. 

    Listen up, Joyce.

    It's Sport Hunters who pay the freight. 

    Jomo Kenyatta kicked them out of Kenya, and sent his army into the bush with machine guns to slaughter as many as they could, to fly/sell their ivory out on the Kenyan National Airlines. 

    The elephants that fled Jomo's bank account headed south into Tanganyika where once again they ran into a hail of bullets, but this time from Conservation Laws/Common Sense because there were too many of them for the cover/food supply to support.

    And look where else this Prize Winning Joker turned up.

    Joyce Carol Oates at University of San Francisco.

    But then, being at USF says a great deal, doesn't it?

    Make an elitist, anti-hunting crack and the progressive unitelligentsia will buy more of your books.

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