Friday, October 25, 2013

Obama Regime BUSTED SYPING ON WORLD LEADERS, Sec State Lurch Kerry Blames Govt. Shutdown Huh???

Dear John Kerry: Sampan carrying Rice: Idiot who dropped a grenade into Sampan loaded with rice was too stupid to fall flat on his own deck like his Crew did and wounded himself in the butt with Rice Blowback, then put in for a Purple Heart to quit Vietnam early.

More Stunning evidence of Obama's incompetence; He made John Kerry our Secretary of State.


Obama Regime BUSTED SYPING ON WORLD LEADERS, Sec State Lurch Kerry Says Govt Shutdown Responsible For Damaging US Image Abroad. 

Uhhhhhh, . . . No. Allowing you and yours, Lurch, to lay hands on the rudder of our Ship of State is responsible. 

Dear Lurch; Your Boss is responsible for all our Govt. Spying Agencies. How is this latest Fiasco the Republicans doing?

Yeah, no.

Via CNS News:
Secretary of State John Kerry used an address to a liberal think-tank Thursday to cite ways in which the recent government shutdown hurt America’s image abroad, but his speech contained no reference to the diplomatic harm being caused by the escalating surveillance scandal.
Kerry’s appearance at a Center for American Progress conference came on the same day that German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle summoned the U.S. ambassador to warn friendship was at stake over the alleged bugging of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone.
Westerwelle’s comments to reporters afterwards strongly implied Merkel had not been satisfied by assurances given her by President Obama in a phone conversation on Wednesday.
Also on Thursday, European Union leaders meeting in Brussels discussed allegations of widespread National Security Agency spying, and said afterwards that “a lack of trust [between the U.S. and E.U.] would prejudice the necessary cooperation in the field of intelligence gathering.”

Thank You CNS and Zip. 

John Kerry has One Purpose as Sec State: Making Hillary Clinton look good by being More Incompetent than She Was so that the electorate Forgets who She is by 2016.

Never Forget who Madame Clinton Is, and What She thinks of You. Never.

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