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Golden Goebbels Alert! Deborah's Covered, You Can Be Covered Too!

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New ObamaCare Ad: The Site Was Very Easy To Use, Until It Wasn't

But, as with most things with this administration, one learns that all is not quite as it seems.
Seems that this story doesn’t quite ring true.
“Deborah, 54″ is Deborah Lielasus, 54, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Deborah is a grant writer who has obtained grants for clients, including recent grants from from the DOJ and HUD among others.
Turns out that the website wasn’t quite as easy for Deborah as she portrayed it in the ad. In fact, according to Deborah’s interview with the AP back on October 2, she only got as far as creating an account before the website stopped working. Of course, the ad makes no mention of this.
In addition to talking about how easy the site was to use, Deborah also notes in the ad that her premiums and deductible will be lower under Obamacare than what she had been paying. What is not mentioned is that Deborah is not the usual consumer. Deborah has a significant pre-existing condition.
According to Seacoast Online:
Lielasus, 54, currently spends about $8,500 a year in premiums and more than $10,000 for out-of-pocket expenses because she has a health condition and her only option has been the state’s high-risk insurance pool. Her husband also is self-employed, and the COBRA continuation coverage he has now will run out in December.
[Ed; COBRA? COBRA? Did someone say COBRA? Another Govt. Heathcare Program? see our footnote #1]

So of course, even the ridiculously expensive Obamacare premiums and deductibles that have been reported might seem less. Since she doesn’t state her situation and doesn’t talk in actual numbers in the ad, you are left to think that Deborah is the norm and you too will have lower premiums and deductibles.
In fact, as we found out with our experiments on the site and interviews with others who have tried the site, the premiums are significantly higher in most cases and the deductibles are ridiculous. Most of the discussion has centered on the premiums. But if, as reported, deductibles are running as much as five to six thousand dollars, what normal healthy young person would pay that? For the young healthy person, the person Obamacare is seeking to grab to sustain the system, such a deductible is not practical. That young person, like our tester, who makes less than Deborah and her husband, would likely end up subsidizing Deborah since she may make too much to qualify for the government subsidy.

One other small note. New Hampshire refused federal grant money, so that money was awarded to the organization in charge of the high risk pool in the state, and the money was directed in part toward “social service groups” to help people to sign up. Among the groups is Planned Parenthood of New Hampshire, as chosen “by the federal government to offer education and guidance to consumers”.
So again we see Obamacare money going to pet groups that agree/support the policy direction of the Obama regime. At what point will Congress ask publicly, how much has gone to these groups, on what basis are these “contracts” awarded, and what is the check to see that the money is actually going to what is supposed to be covering?
Of course, as we can see in the case of Deborah, as in other cases, things presented by the Obama administration are not always what they seem to be…
Deborah also managed to obtain a grant from HHS at some point in her work as well. Given the nature of the ad, on behalf of HHS, this is something that also should have been noted, and adds to the overall deceptiveness.

Advocacy groups decry rising costs of health care

Recent reports by several advocacy groups illustrate the trouble many are facing given the current economic climate, combined with continued increases in health care costs.
Universal Health Care Action Network of Ohio studyfound that Franklin County families making between 200 percent and 300 percent of the federal poverty level (between $42,400 and $63,600 for a family of four) did not have enough money left over after paying basic living expenses to afford health care or insurance costs (Source: “Even middle class strapped by health-care costs, advocacy group says,” Columbus Dispatch, Jan. 14, 2009).

Those without a job are in even more trouble, according to a
national study by Families USA that includes Ohio-specific data (Source: “Health costs rising with unemployment,” Columbus Dispatch, Jan. 15, 2008). That study found that COBRA premiums would use up most of an average Ohio unemployment check. The average monthly cost for COBRA in Ohio is $1,030, yet the average monthly unemployment check is $1,327." 

 Thank You Zip.

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