Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Feel The Pain: NIH To Discontinue Having Dogs Visit Sick Children

With All the Petty, Vindictive, Politically motivated Shut Down Crap this Administration has so far engineered solely to Blame it on the Republicans, has Anyone seen a single word about cutting off the Govt/Public Money NIH is pissing away on Mind and Mood Control research?

Even a Hint of placing Armed Guards in the J&J/Biederman Children's Research Facility? 

The Alliance For Human Research Protection:
Biederman Search Results

Ed Silverman's Pharmalot:
Biederman Search Results

Have you seen 1 Word about "We Can't Afford to continue Researching How to Sell More Psychiatric Drugs which we already know are good for Less than absolutely Nothing? 

Don't hold your breath. 

Feel The Pain: NIH To Discontinue Having Dogs Visit Sick Children

Via CNSNews:
The Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health has suspended its dog therapy program because of the government shutdown, according to John Burklow, spokesperson for NIH.
Burklow said the dogs, which pay visits to patients in the hospital, including children with cancer, have to seen by veterinarians, and a “team” on staff made the decision to suspend program.
“A vet needs to evaluate the dogs, and given that there is a 25 percent reduction in staff (furloughed), we focus our activities and staffing on the care of patients already at our hospital,” Burklow said.
Volunteers run the dog therapy program, but the veterinarians are on NIH staff and are paid as federal employees.
In an Oct. 3 interview on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, Abbey Whetzel talked about her son, Sam, who is dying of leukemia and enjoyed it when he was visited by the dogs.

Thank You CNS and Zip. 

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