Monday, October 21, 2013

Adderall Implicated In Michigan Murder Trial

Remember in the midst of this ObamaCare/Govt. Knows Best Implosion that 'Mental Health' is a creature of Govt. Without Govt. Funding it, it simply starves to death. And With ObamaCare we're only going to get More of it.

Adderall Implicated In Michigan Murder Trial

October 9, 2013
“This case does not make sense in the normal sense,” Assistant Prosecutor Doug Newton told jurors in the trial of Michael Hamilton for murder. There were no drugs, women, money, jealousy, or a physical fight before the shooting. “He was smiling at me as he pulled the trigger,” the surviving brother of twins said. The defense argues that Hamilton was involuntarily intoxicated by Adderall, which includes hallucinations and unusual behavior in its list of side-effects, and thus temporarily insane.
From the article:
When with Hamilton, her boyfriend since December 2010, she said she never felt she was in any danger. He was “warm-hearted” and kind, she said.
It did not occur to her to have him “committed” when he started acting suspicious in the spring of 2012, she said, but she suggested he see his doctor. She thought he might have schizophrenia.
She had helped him find a doctor and he had begun seeing a psychiatrist in November 2011. The doctor then prescribed him Adderall.
From the article:
“Chief Assistant Prosecutor Kati Rezmierski, in her questioning of  (psychiatrist) Jajo, pointed out multiple instances when Hamilton went to the doctor in need of a new prescription because his had been lost, stolen or damaged.
“The drug is highly addictive and people do overuse it, the doctor said, answering Rezmierski’s questions.”

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