Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"The Great DNA Deficit: Are Genes For Disease A Mirage?"

"The Great DNA Deficit: Are Genes For Disease A Mirage?"

August 24, 2013
In an article that contains implications for mental illness, GreenMedInfo reflects on the progress of identifying the genetic basis of medical illness. “What has changed scientifically in the last three years is the accumulating inability of a new whole-genome scanning technique (called Genome-Wide Association studies; GWAs) to find important genes for disease in human populations1. In study after study, applying GWAs to every common (non-infectious) physical disease and mental disorder, the results have been remarkably consistent: only genes with very minor effects have been uncovered. In other words, the genetic variation confidently expected by medical geneticists to explain common diseases, cannot be found.
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Thank You GreenMedInfo, MIA, and Mr Cole.

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