Friday, September 27, 2013

Pelosi: "George Washington Warned Us About People Like The Tea Party"

Pelosi: "George Washington Warned Us About People Like The Tea Party"

Washington last seen rolling over in his grave.
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Friday that the “tail is wagging the dog” in the Republican party in the ongoing debate over spending on Capitol Hill.
Mrs. Pelosi told reporters on Capitol Hill that Democrats are prepared to work with Republicans to pass a continuing resolution that keeps government operations running past Monday, but that it has been a heavy lift because of the infighting within the GOP.
“It is impossible for Democrats to negotiate with Republicans because they can’t even negotiate with themselves,” the California Democrat said. “Instead of legislating responsibly, they want to live dangerously.”
The GOP-controlled House is waiting on the Democrat-led Senate to act on a spending bill that would keep the government open through Nov. 15 and strip funding for Obamacare.
The Senate is expected to strip out the Obamacare provision and send the bill back to the House as early as Friday.
The process, though, has been bogged down by a breakaway group of conservative Senators led by Mike Lee of Utah and Ted Cruz of Texas who are calling on their colleagues to do everything they can to gum up the legislative process and stop funding for Obamacare.
“This is silly,” Mrs. Pellosi said. “Maybe they did not get some orientation on how serious the work is that we do here. Clearly they are a manifestation of what President Washington cautioned against when he left office, which is political parties at war with their own government, and that is what we have: the tail wagging the dog of the Republican party.”

Thank You Washington Times and Zip.

Izzzat So, Nancy?

Here's a quotable from George Washington.

"Government is like fire, a dangerous servant and a terrible master."

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