Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Poll: Obama's Approval Rating Among Democrats Tanks 13 Points Since Winning Re-Election

Poll: Obama's Approval Rating Among Democrats Tanks 13 Points Since Winning Re-Election

It appears a few libs forgot to have their Hope and Change full-frontal lobotomies tuned up.
Via Newsmax:
President Barack Obama’s job-approval rating has fallen to its lowest level since 2011, reflecting the public’s disapproval of his clashes with Congress on spending and a growing opposition to Obamacare, two new polls have found.
According to the Bloomberg National Poll of 1,000 adults conducted Sept. 20-23, the president has a 45 percent job-approval rating, while a Gallup survey of 11,259 adults taken Sept. 1-22 gives him 44 percent.
The Gallup survey showed that the president is rapidly losing support within his own party.
While 78 percent of Democrats still give him a positive job-approval rating, he’s lost 13 points from a high of 91 percent in the month after his re-election.
“Loss of support from a president’s core supporters is an ominous sign, as they are typically the last group to abandon the president when things go sour,” Gallup said in a statement.
“Obama still enjoys the support of the vast majority of Democrats, 78 percent, but that is down 13 points from the end of last year and is 6 points below his average 84 percent approval rating from Democrats throughout his presidency.”
Thank You Newsmax and Zip.

and you Wonder why.

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