Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pelosi (D-ebt) Urges Obama To Full Dictator: Tells Him To BYPASS CONGRESS And Invoke 14th Amendment

Pelosi Urges Obama To Full Dictator: Tells Him To BYPASS CONGRESS And Invoke 14th Amendment

I can only imagine the outrage from Pelosi if Bush did this.
WASHINGTON — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is breathing new life into a previously floated idea for resolving risky congressional fights over raising the government’s borrowing limit: the 14th Amendment.
Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Pelosi said President Barack Obama may not like the idea, but she thinks it’s within his constitutional authority to raise the debt ceiling himself, in the event Congress fails to do so. Her pitch comes as House Republicans seem to be preparing for a fight over the matter in the coming days.
“I think the 14th Amendment covers it,” said Pelosi. “The president and I have a disagreement in that regard, I guess. I guess!”
She added, “I would never have taken that off the table.”
The federal government is on track to run out of money on Oct. 17. Instead of putting forward a clean bill to raise its borrowing limit, House Republicans are signaling they plan to load up their bill with unrelated measures that Democrats oppose — including delaying the implementation of health care reform. The debt limit, or the total amount of money the government is authorized to borrow to meet its existing obligations, currently stands at $16.7 trillion.
If Congress fails to reach a deal in time, the government will default on its debt obligations to other countries. Such a default could trigger another financial crisis in the U.S., with likely repercussions abroad.
Thank You Zip.

Even IF Congress went along with this hare-brained nonsense, invoking the 14th's Sec 4: "Validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law," clause First and Foremost Requires that the debt in question must be Legitimate to start with, and what San Francisco's Nancy "Mentally Ill" Pelosi is spewing about is NOT coverable because the Debt is not legitimate. 

This from a Insider IPO Trader who doesn't know the Constitution from the Declaration of Independence.

Pelosi: The Role Of Government Is To Help Americans Achieve Fulfillment, WTF?

Pelosi (D-imwit) Confuses Constitution With Declaration of Independence.

She has No trouble turning the Constitution on its Ear to excuse her party's Vote Buying raids on the Treasury, but when it comes to the actual Unambiguously, Black Letter Intent of Sec 1 of the SAME 14th Amendment, She and her Congressional Cronys are laughing in your face with Their Exemptions from having to suffer along with all of the Little People/You she duped, cheated, defrauded onto Her ObamaCare.

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