Saturday, September 14, 2013

Obama Administration Rejects Union Demands For ObamaCare Subsidies

Obama Administration Rejects Union Demands For ObamaCare Subsidies

Should be interesting to see how the unions respond to Obama stabbing them in the back.
Via The Hill:
The Obama administration on Friday denied a request from labor unions to have their healthcare plans receive tax subsidies under ObamaCare.
A White House official said the Treasury Department has determined that the healthcare plans used by many union members — known as multi-employer or Taft-Hartley plans — cannot be made eligible for subsidies that are intended to help uninsured people afford coverage.
“The Treasury Department issued a letter today making clear that it does not see a legal way for individuals in multi-employer group health plans to receive individual market tax credits as well as the favorable tax treatment associated with employer-provided health insurance at the same time,” the official said.
Nevertheless, the administration said it plans to work with unions to make sure members can obtain coverage through the new insurance exchanges.
Thank You The Hill and Zip.

If you think the Administration's popularity is plunging now, just wait a couple of months until This one gets Organized and Rolling.

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