Thursday, April 13, 2017

U.N. Peacekeeping Forces Rampant Child Rape Problem Continues

Remember who and what we're talking about the next time Trump says something about cutting U.S. taxpayer support to the U.N.


These crimes are continuing in just about every country where U.N. peacekeeping forces are present, yet I haven’t heard of a single rapist being arrested, tried or convicted. 
Via Daily Caller:
A Wednesday report by the Associated Press sheds further light on the extensive child rape problem that exists within the United Nations peacekeeping forces.
The expose focuses on U.N. peacekeepers operating in Haiti, where nearly 2,000 allegations of sexual abuse have occurred since 2004, with more than 300 cases involving children. A large number of the victims included boys and girls as young as 12 years old, many of whom were raped by peacekeepers on a regular basis.
“I did not even have breasts,” one girl, known as V01, or Victim No.1, told the AP. She said she was consistently raped by as many as 50 U.N. peacekeepers from ages 12 to 15.
Janila Jean was a 16-year-old virgin when a Brazilian peacekeeper lured her into a U.N. compound with some bread smeared with peanut butter. Once inside, he raped her at gunpoint. The attack left her pregnant, and she now raises her child alone.
“Some days, I imagine strangling my daughter to death,” she told investigators.
V09, a boy, said he was 15 when Sri Lankan peacekeepers began raping him. He reported having sexual encounters with more than 100 of them over three years, averaging approximately four a day.
A teenage boy told investigators that he was gang-raped by Uruguayan peacekeepers in 2011. The soldiers filmed the alleged rape on a cell phone.
Haiti is one of the poorest and most destitute countries in the western hemisphere. The country fell into chaos after former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide went into exile after an armed conflict ravaged the country. The U.N. began the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) shortly thereafter on June 1, 2004. Haiti again suffered disaster on Jan. 12, 2010 when an earthquake killed 220,000 people.
The desperation suffered by Haitians created an environment where sexual predators could easily bribe children into sexual acts with the equivalent of 75 cents or a cookie. In one case, Sri Lankan peacekeepers set up a sex ring involving nine children.
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