Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trump Dumps Obama Offshore Drilling Limits: 'We're Opening It Up'

Long overdue.

Do we have any bottlenecks at the refinery capacity level? If so, they gotta go too.


Production and revenues from federal onshore and offshore leases fell dramatically during Obama’s 8 year assault on the energy industry. Trump is putting an end to that war and opening up federal lands to drilling. Drill, baby, drill.

Via Washington Times:

Reversing yet another of his predecessor’s actions on energy and the environment, President Trump on Friday signed an executive order that paves the way for a massive increase in offshore oil-and-gas drilling.

In brief remarks at the White House, Mr. Trump said the order — which is likely to result in new energy exploration in the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans, as well as in the Gulf of Mexico — will boost the nation’s economy and directly create jobs. The order undoes former President Obama’s ban on new offshore drilling leases in the Atlantic and Arctic, which was put in place during the final weeks of his term.

It also directs Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to conduct a more thorough review of the nation’s entire offshore drilling policy.

“We’re opening it up,” the president said. “Today we’re unleashing American energy and clearing the way for thousands and thousands of high-paying American energy jobs. Our country is blessed with incredible natural resources, including abundant offshore oil and natural gas reserves … This executive order starts the process of opening offshore areas to job-creating energy exploration. It reverses the previous administration’s Arctic leasing ban, so hear that — it reverses the previous administration’s Arctic leasing ban, and directs Secretary Zinke to allow responsible development of offshore areas that will bring revenue to our treasury and jobs to our workers.”

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Thank You Wash Times, Huck Funn, and Mr President.

And the anti Fossil Fuel response?

Psychologists, perhaps, Ideates, definately.

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