Friday, April 7, 2017

Swedish Soccer Houligans Don Niqabs To Sidestep Ban On Masks

weaselzippers Well Done Gentlemen.

Here's background from frontpagemag explaining why.


Posing a quandary for the Swedish government.

Via TOI:

A group of Swedish soccer fans wore Muslim head coverings to a match on Sunday in order to get around a new law banning masks at matches to crack down on violence.

The new legislation, spearheaded by Interior Minister Anders Ygeman, requires everyone to show their faces during soccer matches and went into effect on March 1. However, exceptions to the law are made for officials such a police or fire fighters in the line of duty, and for those covering their faces for religious reasons.

A group of hard-core fans from AIK took advantage of the loophole and attended the first game of the season, against Häcken, wearing niqab, a black full-face covering worn by some Muslim women.

The fans, known as ultras, made their message clear by holding up a banner which read, “AIK’s ultras mean well, we’re now wearing masks for religious reasons,” Swedish news site The Local reported.

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Thank You TOI, frontpagemag, and Dapandico.

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