Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tunisian Doctoral Student Refutes Einstein Et All To Prove The Earth Is Flat. Why? Because It's In The Koran


Why? Because the Koran says so.

Via World Crunch:

In our age of endless debates and alternative facts, at least we thought this question was long settled. Everyone from Ferdinand Magellan to Apollo astronauts had provided the proof that our world — messy as it might be — is round. Not flat. Right?

Well, at the highest levels of Tunisian academia, one doctoral student has reopened the question. Since 2011, the aspiring PhD at the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Sfax has been working on a thesis in geology entitled: “The flat, Geocentric Model of the Earth, Arguments and Impact of Climate and Paleoclimactic Studies.”

In short, her thesis was that the Earth is flat. She has gone to great lengths to refute the theories of Newton, Kepler and Einstein, whose work apparently had serious flaws that others have failed to see over the past several centuries. The doctoral student puts forth a new vision of kinetics that, instead, conforms to the verses of the Koran.

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One of the world's "Great Religions." 

Story says this person is a she.

Maybe it's got something to do with having to wear a bag over her head. 

She can't see too well.

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