Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Schizophrenia Drugs Reduce Recovery From 80% to 5%, Jim Gottstein

Mr Gottstein, in case you don't already know, owns considerable street cred. Visit his site. Spend some time.


Get your attention?

Try This.

Obama Aims To RAMP UP ENFORCEMENT of Mental Health Parity Law.

There haven't been any Breakthroughs. No revamping. No Significant Criminal Prosecutions.

And by Significant we're talking Enforcement of Federal Racketeering and Civil Rights Statutes against this entire Industry, much less denying it another single cent (aiding and abetting/Money Laundering) of Federal and State Funding.

Task Force Highlites Ways To Boost BEHAVIORAL HEALTH Coverage Parity.

THIS, in non-Government/Psychiatric-Political Health speak- IE, Plain English - means More of what Jim Gottstein said in only 1:38 seconds, and spending More Public and Private Monies to do it. 

Behavioral Health? Jeezus!

'Behaviors' are either prohibited BY LAW or they are NOT. 

'Behaviors' are not medical diseases.

Now, you May be able to get a President Trump to look into it, and then again maybe not.

But with Hillary's 24/7 Pay To Play history asking her to clean up this Crony Capitalist 24/7, Full Court Press Chemical War is asking her for an unspoken invitation to go pound sand.

Awful lot of OPM changing hands on this con.

The word is tyranny.

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