Thursday, November 17, 2016

AWWW, ISIS Teen Proudly Brings Home Suicide Belt For Show and Tell, Kills Entire Family


Excuse us, but we're going to need a 'Quiet' moment, in a 'Safe Space' with our mentally healthy crayons and coloring book.


“Hey, Mom… look at my brand new…” BOOM!

Via Daily Mail:

A teenager who had been recruited by the Islamic State in Mosul killed the whole of his six-member family when his explosive belt went off inside their home east of the city. Three children were reportedly among those killed by the unnamed boy’s explosive device.

The boy, who belonged to the so-called ‘Cubs of the Caliphate’ squad, had been given the suicide belt by other members of the terror group, Alsumaria News reports. He put the device on and went back to his home in the al-Wehda district of Mosul, where it later exploded, a source told the news channel.

‘The teenager’s belt exploded inside his home. It appeared later that all of his family, including three children, were killed,’ said the source, on condition of anonymity.

The man said Islamic State regularly recruits teenagers to wear explosive devices, especially in eastern Mosul.

‘It comes as part of ISIS strategy to strengthen its grip on the ground and intimidate the people,’ he added.

The extremist group has a history of recruiting underage fighters, some of whom have appeared in the group’s propaganda videos, with children even taking on the role of executioner.

ISIS has been fighting to retain control of Mosul, which the terror group took over in June 2014.

It had been declared the capital of the self-proclaimed ‘Islamic Caliphate’ but the extremist group is being pushed out of the city after Iraqi troops and US-led air forces launched an operation to liberate the city last month.

Today, Iraqi special forces said Islamic State militants battling to regain control of Mosul have fired mortar rounds on government-controlled neighborhoods in the east of the city, killing at least seven civilians.

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Thank You Huck Funn and Daily Mail. 

But America needs a Lobotomy, because it's America whose Insane.

NIMH: Mental Illness Among Adults

See? Those numbers don't look so bad, do they?

They Couldn't mean You or Your family, Right?

No, those numbers are those 'Other' people, the Crazies you have to beware of and have Govt drug and shock back into line so that we can all sleep better at night knowing we're Safe, . . . from that tiny handful of dangerous nutters, . . . the 'Incurably Mentally Ill.'

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