Saturday, November 5, 2016

Saturday Hillary Headlines


Jay Z Repeatedly Drops N-Word, F-Bombs During Concert For Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s ‘values’ on display for the whole world, no problem with language or misogyny as long as it comes from a big donor.

Julian Assange: ISIS and Clinton Foundation Are Both Funded By Saudi Arabia And Qatar

Clinton's 'Charity' Confirms $1 Million Gift From Qatar, While She was Sec of State, Violating Her Signed Ethics Agreement

Democratic Strategist: With Practice Hillary Will 'Eventually' Sound Human

Obama Lied: Huma Abedin Told FBI She Notified White House Every Time Clinton Changed Emails

Huma Finally Makes Comment: She's 'Sad'

Illegal Aliens Occupying Hillary Clinton Cmpaign Office In Pittsburgh

I’m sure she’s okay with this, after all, her dream is open borders…

Hillary Deleted Email That She Sent To Chelsea That Contained Classified Info Involving 'Foreign Activities' Including 'Confidential Sources' . . .

Clinton aide: Israel Is 'Depressing'


Trump closing strong
Prepare for another day of mind-numbing polls.

As Polls Tighten, There’s Panic in the Clinton Camp
Well earned flop-sweat this way cometh.

FBI finds emails related to Hillary Clinton´s
State Department tenure

....and the beat goes on.

‘Moscow would’ve hacked Clinton herself, not Podesta’

– Anonymous activist to RT

At Last Assange: Sounds more like "Blah blah, blah
blah blah blah" than a bomb going off.

Why we shouldn’t blame Huma Abedin
for not leaving her husband sooner

Another chapter in our down market national soap opera.

Hillary Emails So Bad Clinton Campaign
Wanted Public To Focus On Benghazi Instead

No wonder. It sounds as though most of the Benghazi
evidence has been destroyed.

Obama reaches another low to help Hillary
The End of Legacy Time:
When your best shot isn't good enough.

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