Monday, July 11, 2016

1st Amendment Does Not Apply In Democrat Run States

We reside, you can't really call it living, in a Democrat run State.

Here's what you get using a search engine in a public/TAX FUNDED, Library in that State.

"Page Blocked

Access to the requested site has been restricted due to your organization’s policy.

Description: Website contains prohibited Web Proxies content.
Group Number: 6
Ip Address:

Login as Different User"

You're quite welcome to access all the Democrat talking points you want, but not when using a search engine which refuses to compile a history on you.

As for that, IF, we were accessing content which were inappropriate or treasonous, the State imposed filter system on the Library's computer access 'Organization's Policy' could identify the end site we reached WHEN we reached it. If not, then the filter system is either defective, too stupid to be used, or as the saying goes:

There are no unforseen consequences in Government.

When something happens which the Government says it could not forsee, the Government has already Planned for it.

Go ahead.

Look up and ask yourself What on earth possible danger to America it presents.

What if it Does represent a threat to our National Security?

THAT wouldn't exist if we'd stop importing Syrian and other Muslim Refugees into this country who want to kill all of us.

And good luck getting anything done about it in our Court System, as a Constitutional Violation.

Just as in 'Mental Health' the totalitarian juggernaut has a road block in situ waiting for the unwary.

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