Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pandering Hillary After Seeing Play 'Hamilton' For the 3rd Time: "I Cry Every Time"


To be precise, she had her assistant cry for her since she lacks tear ducts.


Hillary Clinton said Tuesday the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton" offers lessons for the nation, telling donors following a special fundraising performance, "Let's not throw away our shot."

The Democratic presidential candidate spoke at the end of a campaign-sponsored performance of the Broadway smash at New York's Richard Rodgers Theatre.

Without mentioning Republican Donald Trump, Clinton said the country couldn't be detoured by those "who play to the worst of our feelings, who would divide us, who would scapegoat us."

Citing one of the musical's main themes, Clinton told the audience, "Let's think a lot about history's eyes on us." She said the nation's founders "were not perfect people but they were united in their conviction that they could build this new country from nothing," adding, "we are still going strong."

"Hamilton" is a Tony award-winning musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton and has been praised by politicians and rap stars alike.

The former secretary of state said she had now seen the musical three times and "I cry every time."

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Thank You Dapandico and WISTV.

If Hillary loves it, it's most certainly revisionist, Romper Room crap.

Find out who Hamilton really was and what he believed.

Alexander Hamilton and The Founding of The Nation

Can't recommend this book highly enough.

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