Monday, May 9, 2016

President Failure's Smart Diplomacy

With these lying buffoons at the top of the Pyramid Scam Funding the mental health movement, is it any wonder that that mental/political movement/Drug Cartel's, Complete and Utter Failure to cure/disinfect anything or anyone except themselves and their friends/co-workers of their own diagnoses . . . have never had a Positive Outcome?

Dear US Dept of Veterans Affairs, An Open Letter

But, but, the mentally ill, they might be dangerous!

How many of America's psychiatrically Diagnosed are posting videos of themselves beheading other people on youtube?

But, but, what about all those killing rampages the media keeps reporting about those mass murderers who "slipped through the cracks in the mental health system"?

That same media which needs a station break every few minutes to tell you to "Ask Your Doctor If The Whatever Colored Pill Is Right For You?"

So long as we keep voting for Free Stuff/Govt redistribution we're going to keep getting it as per above.

Thank You Mr Whittle and Truth Revolt.


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