Thursday, May 26, 2016

Loch Ness Socialism

Contrast it with this.

The Fall of Sweden: Multiculturalism, The Muslim Invasion And Sacking of Sweden

The unfortunate Swedes believed themselves into the oxymoron of a Benevolent Socialism. And now their Benevolent Socialist Govt is feeding them into a meat grinder and Ms Carlqvist, among others, can't understand why.

Proponents of Govt./Socialized Healthcare (or anything else) cite the European models. If those countries can provide it, why can't we?

1: Those countries are not providing it and never were. The Capitalist, U.S. Taxpayer was providing it, . . . Because,

2: The United States Military has been providing 'Those Countries' with their real defense at U.S. expense since the end of WWII.

Thank You Mr Whittle and Truth Revolt.

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