Tuesday, May 17, 2016

In NATO Tank Competition U.S. Comes Up Short Against Denmark, Germany, and Poland: UPDATE, Russian Readers


Wish we could say this is something new, but it's been going on long before Obama. Hit the link. Major road block?
Dr. Turner: Every child needs some form of treatment. There is an argument that could be made for this.
Mr. Maloney: MediCal will not fund all treatments.

Can't fund the military, but we've got plenty of fiat currency to turn our children into chronically diseased, lifetime disabled, drug addicts.
Via WaPo:
Six NATO countries squared off last week in the Strong Europe Tank Challenge, a two-day competition that pitted some of the alliance’s best tank crews against each another in a series of events centered on armored warfare.
The challenge, which concluded Thursday and was held in Grafenwoehr, Germany, was the first of its kind there since 1991. The competition was designed to foster “military partnership” while showcasing the ability of NATO countries to work together, according to a U.S. Army statement.
Germany took top honors in the competition, followed by Denmark and Poland in second place and third place respectively.
The challenge, co-hosted by U.S. Army Europe and the German Bundeswehr, is a nod to the Cold War era and a tacit acknowledgment that NATO will need well-trained conventional forces if it ever has to go to war with a newly-emboldened Russia.
Thank You WaPo and Dapandico. 

According to our blogger stats, this blog gets roughly 3 times as many page views from Russia as it does from the U.S.

Psych Drugs Are A U.S. National Security Problem.

It's later than you think, America. We are literally killing ourselves, not just individually, but as a nation with this horrid scam.

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