Saturday, February 21, 2015

UN Chief: We Can Defeat Jihadists With "Harmony"

Remember who we're talking about the next time someone backs dragging United Nations Authority into the United States as some sort of "Social Justice" dispensing juggernaut to force the cleanup of the 'Mental Health' Industry's atrocities here.
Senate Rejects UN Treaty For Disabled Rights In 61-38 Vote


Honourable Secretary of State John Kerry, Distinguished Ministers, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,
I thank President Barack Obama and Secretary Kerry for convening this important gathering on preventing violent extremism and thank you for your leadership and strong commitment, and eloquent speech and giving us good way forward so that we can work together to defeat this violent extremism and terrorism, and discuss how we can build upon what we have been doing so far.
Addressing this profound challenge in a manner that solves — rather than multiplies — the problem may be the greatest test our human family faces in the 21st century.
Let there be no doubt:  the emergence of a new generation of transnational terrorist groups including Da’esh and Boko Haram is a grave threat to international peace and security.
These extremists are pursuing a deliberate strategy of “shock and awful” – beheadings, burnings, and snuff films designed to polarize and terrorize, and provoke and divide us. The victims are as diverse as humankind itself.
But let us recognize that the vast majority of the victims are Muslims, across a broad arc of upheaval and distress.
Women and girls are subject to appalling, systematic abuse — rape, kidnapping, forced marriage, sexual slavery and other unspeakable horrors. […]
Yet we know that poisonous ideologies do not emerge from thin air.  Oppression, corruption and injustice are greenhouses for resentment.
Extremist leaders cultivate the alienation that festers.  They themselves are pretenders — criminals, gangsters, thugs on the farthest fringes of the faiths they claim to represent.
Yet they prey on disaffected young people without jobs or even a sense of belonging where they were born.  And they exploit social media to boost their ranks and make fear go viral.
Thank You Zip.

Somebody want to take a shot here on pinning the Diagnosis on the UN Sec?

And if you still need help, there's an accompanying list of feature films you can watch to help you get a scientific handle on your Psychiatric Diagnosis.

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