Sunday, February 1, 2015

NYC Homelessness Jumps 10% In Just One Year Under The Love And Benevolence Of Comrade DeBlasio

Just think how much worse off America would be without that nail studded Govt. Benevolence bat? (What the hell, it's been the current Regime's excuse for the last 6 years.)


Once again, proving alleged ‘care for the poor’, really isn’t. Democratic ‘war on poverty’ guarantees it.
The homeless population has risen to an all-time high, forcing the de Blasio administration to house desperate families in decrepit tenements red-flagged by the city’s own inspectors as hazardous.
Since he arrived at City Hall pledging to turn things around, Mayor de Blasio has struggled to confront a long-intractable problem that has only gotten worse.
By mid-December, the homeless census reached a record 59,068 — nearly the population of Utica, city records show. The Coalition for the Homeless says it peaked even higher at 60,352.
The homeless count, according to the city and the coalition, includes 25,000 children. And it represents a 10% jump from the 53,615 in shelters on de Blasio’s Inauguration Day.

Thanks you NYDN and Nickarama. 

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