Monday, February 9, 2015

FCC Commissioner: Obama's Plan To Control The Internet

The MSM, TV News, and so on is worth, well, the French have a word, merde. If you want to know what's what it's on the webs. 

And in the tradition of Govt. redistributing the 'Fairness' to ensure that what you know Remains 'Fair' this has to be done in the dead of night the same way Pelosi dropped ObamaCare on everyone's heads.

"We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it."

Because there's no way they'd get away with it if the Voters knew what it was beforehand.


Ajit Pai is one brave character, this isn’t the first time he’s blown the whistle. The plan wouldn’t be released to the public until it is voted into effect, you have to pass it to see what’s in it.
Republican FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai on Friday raised the first of many criticisms to come about FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s aggressive net neutrality plan distributed to commissioners Thursday, which Pai described as “President Obama’s 332-page plan to regulate the Internet.”
In a statement released Friday, Pai lamented the fact that the 332-page plan, which he tweeted a picture of himself holding next to a picture of Obama, won’t be released to the public until after the commission votes on its implementation later this month.
“President Obama’s plan marks a monumental shift toward government control of the Internet. It gives the FCC the power to micromanage virtually every aspect of how the Internet works,” Pai said. “The plan explicitly opens the door to billions of dollars in new taxes on broadband… These new taxes will mean higher prices for consumers and more hidden fees that they have to pay.”

Thank You Mr Pai, the DC, and Nickarama.

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