Monday, November 3, 2014

With Media Facing Probable GOP Win Tuesday, NY Times Says Cancel The Midterms

Naww, no such thing as Media Bias. It's an Urban Myth.
So when Americans have record low confidence in government, let’s eliminate accountability and the requirements of the Constitution, to enthrone for life those who wish to rule us! They make no bones about it, they’re concerned such voting might ‘weaken the President’.

DURHAM, N.C. — By Tuesday night about 90 million Americans will have cast ballots in an election that’s almost certain to create greater partisan divisions, increase gridlock and render governance of our complex nation even more difficult. Ninety million sounds like a lot, but that means that less than 40 percent of the electorate will bother to vote, even though candidates, advocacy groups and shadowy “super PACs” will have spent more than $1 billion to air more than two million ads to influence the election.
There was a time when midterm elections made sense — at our nation’s founding, the Constitution represented a new form of republican government, and it was important for at least one body of Congress to be closely accountable to the people. But especially at a time when Americans’ confidence in the ability of their government to address pressing concerns is at a record low, two-year House terms no longer make any sense. We should get rid of federal midterm elections entirely.

Thank You WZ and Nickarama. 

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Abolish Tenure.

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