Monday, November 3, 2014

Obama Set To Make History In Worst Midterm Loss In 64 Years

I really hope it is as bad as people are beginning to predict, they really need a trouncing. But who’s guaranteeing the security of the voting machines, as we’ve seen multiple instances of funny business already in that department?
Chalk up another title to President Obama’s legacy — the White House executive who’s about to oversee the worst successive midterm elections losses in 64 years.
The Democrats under Mr. Obama lost 63 House seats in 2010. And now, they’re poised to lose up to 12 from the House in Tuesday’s elections — and that’s the worst losing record in back-to-back, four-year midterms since Harry Truman days, the Daily Mail reported.
Truman’s party suffered 55 House losses in 1946, and then 28 in 1950, for a total of 83. Since, no president’s overseen greater successive voting humiliations.
Thank You Wash Times and Nickarama. 

It's not as though we don't already have a track record on this issue.

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