Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Obama To Defy Voters (As Expected) And Focus On Amnesty

Obama knows best.

There are several reasons why Republican leaders don’t want President Obama to use unilateral executive action to legalize millions of illegal immigrants. First, House and Senate GOP leaders oppose bypassing Congress on principle. Second, they disagree with the policy. And third — perhaps most importantly — they know voters want lawmakers to focus on the economy.
The president has other ideas — again. Back in 2009 and 2010, voters virtually pleaded with Obama and fellow Democrats to focus exclusively on jobs and economic growth. Instead, Obama devoted a year to passing, on a strict party-line basis, his party’s national healthcare scheme. It’s still unpopular.
Now voters have sent a similar message: Stay on the economy. But Obama is determined to have his way on immigration.
That’s not what voters want right now. Exit polls from last week’s midterms show a deep and continuing economic anxiety still at the top of the public’s concerns.
First, 78 percent of the voters said they were very or somewhat worried about the direction of the economy in the next year. Second, just 22 percent described the state of the economy as good, while 48 percent called it not so good, and 22 percent said the state of the economy is poor.

Thank You Wash Examiner and Zip. 

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