Monday, November 10, 2014

18,000 Nurses in California To Strike Over Ebola

Where’s the leadership of the Ebola Czar and the CDC?
Some 18,000 nurses in Northern California are planning a two-day strike starting Nov. 11, partly over equipment and training standards for the Ebola virus.
The walkout would affect 21 hospitals and 65 clinics owned by Kaiser Permanente, based in Oakland, California, said Charles Idelson, a spokesman for National Nurses United. The union’s contract with nonprofit Kaiser expired in August and was extended until October, he said.
The union said in a Nov. 6 statement that Kaiser “continued to stonewall on dozens of proposals to improve patient care standards, as well as refusing to address the concern of Kaiser RNs about Ebola safety protocols and protective equipment, refusing to even answer questions by the RNs.”
Thank You Bloomberg and Nickarama.

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