Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Reporters Rush To Downplay Unearthed Correspondence Between Hillary And Alinsky

How's that Hope and Change thing working out, America? Want another 10 years of it? Want your teeth set on edge by these people to the point where you and your whole family need "Mental Health" Counseling, Labeling, and Brain Damage?


Late last night, the Washington Free Beacon’s Alana Goodman unearthed previously sealed correspondence between Hillary Clinton and former radical Chicago activist Saul Alinsky. Shortly after, some reporters wasted no time in trying to downplay the story by mocking it. They questioned or failed to see why this was important, yet trumped up trivial stories in comparison about Mitt Romney’s “lost years” during the height of the 2012 presidential election.
Thank You Mr Stone and Capitol City Project.

It's your's for the asking. 

Just hold your nose when you go to the polls and Vote for more FREE STUFF.

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