Saturday, September 13, 2014

California State Sen (D-Carpet Bagger) Wright Gets 90 Days In Jail For Perjury About Legal Residence

He did it as a good public servant for the people.
California state Sen. Rod Wright, convicted of lying about his legal residence in order to run for office, was sentenced Friday to 90 days in Los Angeles County Jail, three years’ probation and 1,500 hours of community service.
Wright sat silently and looked down as Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy also said he was no longer eligible to hold public office in California. [...]
The sentence came after defense lawyers argued that Wright was a dedicated legislator trying to do the best for his constituents. Even after he was charged, they said, voters re-elected him by a landslide.
“All he wanted to do was be a good public servant and for the rest of his life he’s labeled a felon,” lawyer Winston Kevin McKesson said. [...]
Dodd noted that Wright had succeeded in serving a six-year term in the state Senate, and “If all that happens is he’s kicked out of office, then he likely gets away with it.”
McKesson angrily replied, “I don’t know in what real world losing one’s career at 62 years old is getting away with it.”
He said Wright would live with the stigma of being convicted of eight felonies, including perjury, voter fraud and filing a false statement of candidacy.
The image of California politicians has taken several blows this year. After Wright’s conviction in January, federal prosecutors filed corruption charges against two other Democratic state senators, Ron Calderon of Montebello and Leland Yee of San Francisco.
The Senate suspended all three lawmakers with pay in March, ending Democrats’ two-thirds majority in the 40-member chamber — a supermajority that had allowed them to act without any support from Republicans.
Thank You Mod Bee and Dapandico.
Yup. One More of the wrecking crew who foisted California on the rest of America.
Here's the District. 
Notice that little 'Click Here Now' button, to be sucked into our family drug deal/Civil Rights Crime Spree and become the victim of a whole Raft of Govt. sponsored and illegally protected Federal Felonies is still, as of Sept 13, 2014, proudly embedded on the sidebar.

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