Monday, September 8, 2014

HHS Chief Sylvia Burwell: Americans Not Smart Enough To Eat Healthier On Their Own

The Condescending never quits. You peasants are so stupid you'd all die a Horrible Death without US ordering every breath you take.

Hence the need for the Nanny State.
Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell explained that in order to get Americans to eat healthier, they needed to be educated and provided the proper tools.
“They need to actually know what healthy eating is,” she said, adding that “some people don’t know how to fix fresh vegetables, or haven’t used them before.”
She added that some people didn’t even know how to serve fresh fruit – citing as an example the difficulty of cutting a fresh pineapple or a pomegranate.

Thank You Mr Spiering and Zip.

Then on the other hand, Ms Burwell and Her Faction actually did seize the Govt. through their own Triumph Der Willens, and a whole bunch of somebodies not only let them get away with it, but cheered them on.

Govt. (USDA) Wants $30K Shopping Carts to Tell Food Stampers To Eat Healthy, After Ordering Submachine Guns With 30 Round Magazines: UPDATE, Also Wants Body Armor

Are they going to position the Submachinegun toting Agents in the Super Market parking Lot, to make certain America "Obeys The Cart"?

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