Wednesday, June 4, 2014

VA Hospital Axed Veterans Programs While Approving $1 Million In Bonuses

VA Hospital Axed Veterans Programs While Approving $1 Million In Bonuses
Let’s not forget our veterans in the wake of all the other news, although some no doubt would like us to…
The Memphis Veteran Administration (VA) Medical Center approved over $1 million in bonuses months before closing a therapeutic aquatic pool citing a lack of funds.
The Memphis VA Medical Center handed out $1,005,644 in bonuses for its approximately 2,000 employees in fiscal year 2010, according to data provided to The Daily Caller by Sandra Glover, the communications officer for Veteran Integrated Services Network (VISN) 9, which includes the Memphis VA Medical Center. Glover told TheDC that cost factored into the decision to close the therapeutic aquatic pool in July 2011.
In a statement prepared for TheDC, Glover said that bonuses and capital improvement projects come from separate pools of money, and that the VA outsources aquatic care to veterans at VA expense.

Thank You DC, WZ, and Nickarama. 

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Anonymous said...

There are roaches in the out patient lab at the veterans hospital in Memphis all the time. we grab our things and run to stand in the hallway. if you sit long enough you will have roaches to take home in your belongings They took bonuses and cut the group therapy for women!they closed the aquatics! they steal travel and cook the books most veterans never knew they could get travel! this is a hot mess and veterans don't matter just getting out the door with their pension is what matters. the v a money machine has supported the lifestyle of incompetent employees for a long time and they will kill veterans before they let go! we don't matter and never did to anyone!