Monday, June 16, 2014

San Francisco Gay Pride Parade Bans National Guard, Honors Traitor Bradley Manning As Honorary Grand Marshall. . .

From Mind Control, Political Health Ground Zero: San Francisco:

No surprise considering gay groups are about as far to the left as it gets.
SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Organizers of San Francisco’s pride weekend festivities have yanked the welcome mat away from the National Guard, voting to ban the Guard from setting up a booth at the festival.
The decision comes at the same time Pride organizers are allowing a controversial Army private who leaked military secrets to be honorary grand marshal.
The board of the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee rejected a request from the Guard to set up an informational booth at Civic Center Plaza during Pride Weekend.
Last year, the National Guard had a booth at Pride Weekend for the first time – staffed by gay soldiers – following the repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. The Guard was also welcomed at Pride events in Los Angeles and San Diego.
The military’s current ban on transgender service members serving openly, minority recruitment tactics, and sexual assault scandals were factors in the board’s decision, Pride Executive Director George Ridgely told LGBT news weekly Bay Area Reporter.
Board President Gary Virginia said in a letter the board was willing to review its decision after this year’s event, Bay Area Weekly reported.
Critics of the decision see the move as short-sighted. “We find this to be really particularly disturbing because only LGBT people in the city of San Francisco are being affected by this,” said Fred Schein, president of the San Francisco chapter of the LGBT advocacy group, Log Cabin Republicans. “LGBT people around the state have full access and are welcoming these recruiters … but San Francisco is being denied that option.”

Thank You CBS SF and Zip.

Let Psychiatry/Psychology get the upper hand, and you get, what you get. Not Only did they take a look in the mirror and sent their own reflection to the US. House of Representatives as being Most in tune with Their mindset - Pelosi - And:

San Francisco Is #1 City In America For Venture Biotech Funding

San Francisco Govt: Hides Psych Gulags, Then Shows World Its Johnson

San Francisco May Hand Out Free Crack Pipes To Check The Spread of HIV/AIDS

Now they give us a transsexual, imprisoned traitor to figuratively lead their Pride Parade.

Remember this the next time some soothing voice on the radio or TV tells you that someone or other is Also there providing 'Mental Health Services' for you and your family.

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