Thursday, June 19, 2014

HHS Ignored Warnings ObamaCare Website Had 21,000 Lines of Defective Coding

The Regime’s arrogance at its finest.
. . . “Unfortunately, it should come as no surprise that this administration once again chose to put political expediency ahead of security and performance concerns. As we have seen in delay after delay, the administration continues to simply ignore the fundamental flaws of the law instead of honestly acknowledging to American families that the law does not work,” said Hatch.
He added, “In the end, the problem with Obamacare is not just the failed rollout of, but the failed policies of the law that restrict patient choice and expand the powers of a bloated federal government.”
Grassley said, “The administration looked the other way on problems, even when the independent contractor hired to monitor the project was waving red flags, pointing to likely failure. This website wasn’t a ‘Field of Dreams’ fantasy where you hope for the best and everything works out because it’s a movie.”
Their report detailed for the first time warnings from outside auditor TurningPoint Global Solutions. They repeatedly warned that development and testing of the site was behind. Just before the launch, they warned of 677 “serious defects,” and found that 21,000 lines of coding were defective.
Not only was the administration warned, but a top official noted in an email that Tavenner’s office knew that it would crash if just 500 people were on the website at once.

Thank You Wash Examiner and Zip. 

At Last, . . we've found it, . . the predicate of incompetence Lois Lerner and the IRS crew need to validate those crashed and recycled hard drives and servers et all.

They're Govt. They get a free pass on Everything because they actually Are that Incompetent.

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