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Tolerance & Diversity Thought Police: Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury CT Bans Conservative Website Redstate

One more face of 'Mental Health'. Conservative political speech is banned as "Hate Speech" at a public high school funded by Public Money. 

 Moe Lane (Diary)  |  

54° 40′ Or Fight! has the simultaneously flattering, and creepy, details: we’re going to address this in more detail later, but suffice it to say that some progressive goodthinker at the Nonnewaug High School system decided to block conservative sites – including this one! – while leaving liberal ones up and running. ‘Hate speech,’ don’t you know.  Which is really awkward, given that the school is blocking the state Republican party while letting the state Democratic party through.
And that will undoubtedly come as a bit of a shock to state Representative (and Assistant Leader) Sean J Williams and state Senator (and Deputy Minority Leader) Robert Kane, who both simultaneously represent this particular area and who happen to be members of the Connecticut Republican party.  Far be it from me to give advice to legislators…
…but I think that someone needs to look into this, methinks.  Because while selectively blocking websites may be perversely flattering, it’s also creepy as all get-out.  And, frankly, not something that a school system should have any kind of anonymous say over.
Moe Lane

Thank You Mr Lane and Redstate.

How much farther does this have to go before America stands up on its hind feet and votes the Constitution over Free Stuff?
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"Books and writings deemed "un-German" are burned at the Opernplatz. Berlin, Germany, May 10, 1933.
— National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Md."

Here's more on the Left's Tolerance & Diversity;

from WZ:

Conn High School Blocks Students From Viewing Conservative Websites, NO BLOCK ON LIBERAL SITES

Via Fox CT:
A Woodbury High Schooler claims he uncovered political bias in the implementation of a firewall blocking some political Web sites at his school.
18-year-old Andrew Lampart, a senior at Nonnewaug High School, said he made the discovery when he was doing research for a classroom debate on gun control in May. Lampart said he first noticed that he could not get on the web site for the National Rifle Association.
“So, I went over to the other side. And I went over on sites such as Moms Demand Action or Newtown Action Alliance and I could get on these Web sites but not the others,” Lampart said.
Lampart investigated further, by broadening his search terms to Connecticut’s political parties.
“I immediately found out that the State Democrat web site was unblocked but the State GOP web site was blocked.”
Lampart even looked at Web sites focusing on abortion issues and religion. He found that “right-to-life” groups were blocked by the public school firewall but that Planned Parenthood and Pro-Choice America were not. He also tried to get on web sites such as and the Vatican’s web site but both were blocked. he found, was not.
“They’re trying to, in my opinion, shelter us from what’s actually going on around the country and around the world by blocking these web sites. It should be the other way around. The web sites should be unblocked so that students can get different viewpoints from different sides of each argument,” Lampart said.

Thank You FoxCT and Zip. 

Our 2 cents?

The people/Public Employees responsible for this need to be Fired at a bare minimum, and they Should face a class action Civil Suit for violating the students Civil Rights.

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