Friday, July 26, 2013

Feds Seeking Your Internet Passwords

When we heard of this story, we knew that Only the peoplescube could give it the un-equaled equalizing it deserved.

Therefore, thepeoplescube has;
May We See Your Passwords Please
R.O.C.K. in the USSA 

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In its ongoing progress toward making the internet - and all of the USSA - safer and more secure for all Americans, the Obama administration and the Department of Justice today announced that the feral government will henceforth require all internet passwords to be handed over immediately.

"As you would expect," said Comrade Attorney General Eric Holder, "We will keep your passwords private and secure, in fact more secure than they are today."

President B. Husseinovich Obama added, "Let me be clear: we do these things - all these things - for the good of the American people. I will not allow partisan members of the other party to prevent all Americans from being safe and secure, both in their homes and on the internet, as long as they remember their common sense duty to retreat to safety if threatened."

Comrade FLATUS Mooochelle Obama said that she is currently designing a pallet of web-safe colors to be used in all websites and applications, based on healthy vegetables: "For the first time in my life, I'm proud of the internet," stated the First Wookie, "And we will continue to move forward to ensure that no website or web application uses bloated code or non-organic colors."

Thank You Komrad R.O.C.K. and thepeoplescube

And since Komrad Chairman and the Party are going to end up with your passwords anyway, how about we all just use the Same password, since it will make us All more equal, and then Everyone will be equally able to equally report Fishy Rumors they find Anyone spreading.

Any suggestions for a common, and universally equal password, Komrad readers, so that we can all Share and Share alike?

From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs? 

Perhaps we could use this opportunity to send Dear Leader a message, an Equal and Equally Shared for the Greater Good, Password, since he's obviously not listening to the proles as it is, though this latest improvement on our outdated Constitution clearly signals Komrad Chairman Barackovich's unquenchable desire to hear what we're saying.

Thank You Komrad R.O.C.K. and thepeoplescube.

pic creds to The Cube.

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