Saturday, July 13, 2013

ADHD Drugs Don't Boost Kids Grades, Studies Find

Mad In America has;
ADHD Drug Studies Find Little Change In Academic Performance

July 11, 2013
According to the Wall Street Journal’s, story on a June study of 4000 Qubequois students, “a growing body of research finds that in the long run, achievement scores, grade-point averages or the likelihood of repeating a grade generally aren’t any different in kids with ADHD who take medication compared with those who don’t.” Though studies show improvements in such tasks as short-term memory, but the effects don’t seem to translate into the classroom in the long run.

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from the WSJ article:

"A June study looked at medication usage and educational outcomes of nearly 4,000 students in Quebec over an average of 11 years and found that boys who took ADHD drugs actually performed worse in school than those with a similar number of symptoms who didn't. Girls taking the medicine reported more emotional problems, according to a working paper published on the website of the National Bureau of Economic Research, a nonprofit economics research firm."

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