Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Behavioral Insights Team to Analyze Proletarian Thought

And once again, Life imitates The Cube.

thepeoplescube has;
Behavioral Insights Team to Analyze Proletarian Thought

Dear Comrades, 

The White Fortress has announced a new plan for the Progress of Socialism in the USSA: Operation Governmental Obedience, Admiration, & Deference (GOAD). Operation GOAD is intended to agitate American peasants and workers towards healthier lifestyle and political decisions in conformity with the Party’s leadership. 

Commissars from the USSA Department of Mandatory Health and Human Services and the Department of Collectivized Agriculture are among those who will receive orders from Operation GOAD’s Behavioral Insights Team, whose officers are tasked with analyzing the thinking of the Proletariat and finding new ways to attain universal voluntary compliance with Collectivism and Progressivism as it is being implemented by the State. 

The plan to ‘nudge’ the Masses was first conceived by noted Communist scholar Comrade Cass Sunstein, who has foreseen the need to improve worker output in order to ensure the equal distribution of wealth. Comrade Sunstein in turn received this inspiration from Comrade Party Chairman and Future President Barack Barackovich Obama’s call for a more equitable society. 

By gaining more voluntary compliance with mandatory State regulations and directives, the State will expend fewer resources on enforcement and involuntary compliance programs, such as fines, asset seizures, imprisonment, and intensive re-education activities. The State can then focus more on security issues, such as political indoctrination and information management. 

Some citizens have difficulties maintaining their conformism and properly participating in the Party’s work towards social harmony, and Operation GOAD will assist them in their political education and formation. By improving indoctrination programs with subliminal messages compliance-inducing elements, even the most intransigent Kulak will be moved to tears… and to obedience! 

Operation GOAD is now setting up test facilities in several undisclosed locations, and will be selecting new candidates for experimentation using data collected by the PRISM program rather than relying on traditional questionnaires. The Workers’ Paradise of the USSA is becoming a reality! 

The Behavioral Insights Team will help us preserve social order and achieve greater compliance! Workers and Peasants of the USSA, open your minds to their assistance for the good of the Motherland!


Faithfully submitted to the Collective of the People’s Cube,
Comrade Nomenklatura-climber
Dialectical Progressivism Translator 

Thank You Komrads Nomenklatura Climber, Anyer Marx, and The Cube.

pic creds to the cube.

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