Thursday, April 4, 2013

Medicate Your Children To Insure Compliance

A day without The Cube is like, . . well, . . .  you'll just Never Know where the Party Central Committee emitted Truth actually Lies without the Cube because Truth is a Relative Commodity in our brave new Statism of constantly evolving CHANGE, . . . . through brain damage, . . . and Party Central Committee mandated, subsidized, and enforced, . . . mooching, . . . by the sellers of brain damage.

Yes Dear Peasants, You Too, can get yourself a 'Head Pension' in trade for Your Vote. Just be certain that it's what you really want, first:

And it's not age dependant either.

from the People's Cube
Medicate Your Children To Insure Compliance

Dear Comrades, 

The Manhattangrad Department of Mandatory Health has announced that is has succeeded in diagnosing 20% of the Young Socialists in the school system with some form of mental illness, thus achieving their quota which is designed to keep pace with Party’s overall goal of doubling the number of disabled workers and peasants in the next decade. 

Aside from the obvious social benefits of having more disabled children who are qualified for even more benefits, the medicating of these children is helping to stimulate the Pharmaceutical industry at a rate of more than $7 billion per year. 

High school and college children also benefit from collectivizing their younger siblings’ medications for use as study aids and social purposes, making these medications indispensable for the overall health of our State. 

It has long been a teaching of the Party that non-compliance with directives is a form of mental illness, and so children who are unable to sit still and pay attention during indoctrination activities will naturally grow to become politically defective non-conformists. 

It is essential that all children follow instructions and obey their teachers, as servants of the State, without question. 

Therefore, children exhibiting the symptoms of mental illness, such as the need to move around during hour-long political lectures or the desire to talk while a commissar-instructor is presenting them with important political teachings, must be immediately medicated into a docile state of passivity and openness. This way, all impediments to proper ideological formation can be abolished through corrective political pharmacology. 

The more children are successfully diagnosed as disabled, the more of them can join their parents in the great joys of equality and collectivization through State disability benefits. 

Medicate children to guarantee compliance!
Conformism through pharmacology!

pic creds and Thanks to thepeoplescube and Komrade Nomenklatura climber

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