Saturday, April 6, 2013

Obama's Budget Includes $800 Billion Tax Hike, $7.3 Trillion In New Debt

weaselzippers has;
Obama's Budget Includes $800 Billion Tax Hike, $7.3 Trillion In New Debt

Sounds like a budget Obama would propose.
Via Weekly Standard:
The budget will be released next week “The figures regarding the President’s plan are based on numbers reported in the media today, the table posted on the White House (WH) website, and information regarding Senator Murray’s budget resolution,” says the minority side of Senate Budget Committee.
“Senator Murray, in touting her budget, talks about $4 trillion in deficit reduction, but that figure uses baseline gimmicks to exclude the cost of turning off the sequester, and the assumptions that the annual doc fix and continuing the 2009 stimulus does not need to be paid for. The $1.3 trillion cost for those items are CBO estimates included in the Murray budget. Because the media also reports that the president plans to cancel the sequester, it is reasonable to conclude that the President will have the same costs buried in his baseline as well since Obama also talks about $4 trillion in deficit reduction.
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Thank You Zip and Weekly Standard.

Keep electing these people, keep instituting their programs, and you're going to keep getting what you've been getting, More and more people suffering the psychological depression of being robbed out of their eye teeth to be told what to do.

And the psycho/pharma consortium will just keep rolling in it like a pig in ----, pretending to look for the causes of depression in phony genetics research and the political stupid of Atheists, Nazis and Communists.

Is that a rude or unfounded observation?

Spend time looking through the Masters, under our permalink sidebar The Masters Tournament.

They're the jackasses upon which all the subsequent psychological theorizing fermented. 

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