Friday, May 11, 2018

Trump On Big Pharma Lobbyists: "Not Too Many Are Sitting Here Today"

Justin Caruso Media Reporter
3:05 PM 05/11/2018

President Trump gave a speech on prescription drug prices in the White House Rose Garden Friday, during which he pointed out the lack of industry lobbyists present at the event.

[video at link]

“We are very much eliminating the middleman,” POTUS stated. “The middlemen became very, very rich.”

“Whoever those middlemen were, and a lot of people never figured it out, they’re rich,” he continued. “They won’t be so rich anymore. Last year, the FDA approved over 1000 low-cost generics, the most in history, which has already has saved the American people nearly $9 billion.”

“Next, we are going to take on one of the biggest obstacles to affordable medicine–the tangled web of special interests.”

Trump then delivered a line that ribbed on former President Barack Obama.

“Not too many are sitting here today, but they used to be here all the time.”

Obama’s famous healthcare plan claimed to be a program aimed at lowering healthcare costs, however, some have accused the plan of actually raising drug costs for many Americans.

Thank You Mr Caruso and the DC.

Ed; Well, we shall see.

However, we have a lump of unsavory to toss into this stew.

What is this guy doing as President Trump's Ambassador to The United Kingdom?

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