Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dem Congresswoman Calls For A Constitutional Convention For Lib States To Leave The Union After Trump Win, . .


"Coming from California I'm mindful that the votes of my constituents count 1/3rd as compared to uh, Wyoming resident, and looking ahead to the stability of our democracy I don't think, that is a sustainable model, . . ."

 She doesn't seem to have any qualms about Indentured Servitude.

SB 1953: California’s $220 Billion Hospital Heist: Americans Robbed, Big Time

America's already had the secession argument in the 1860's with over 600,000 dead.

This is coming from a State that just decriminalized Child Prostitution. 


Our Democracy?


This piece of Theater of the Absurd is on a par with the Soros Rent a Mobs. 

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