Monday, December 5, 2016

Pelosi: Dems Don't Want A New Direction

Like we said. Expect 4 years of non stop sniping from Nan and co. at everything Trump does. Their roadmap back to power will be the creation of violent anarchy. 

Soros And Other Far Leftists Instigate Revolution Against Trump


Via Washington Examiner:
House minority leader Nancy Pelosi downplayed problems with the Democratic Party, saying that the party’s values “unify us.”

“I don’t think that people want a new direction,” Pelosi said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday. “Our values are supporting working families. What we want is a better connection of our message to working families.”

Pelosi’s appearance came a few days after she was re-elected by Democrats to serve another term as House minority leader, beating back a challenge from Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio.

Host John Dickerson said that Democrats have been clobbered at every level since 2008, which Pelosi attributed to natural reactions to the party that holds the White House.
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Thank You Wash Examiner, FPM, Mr Klein, and Zip.

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