Thursday, February 4, 2016

Make Politicians Wear Suits With The Logos of Their Top Ten Corporate (and Non Profit) Donors On Them Like NASCAR Drivers

Someone's got their thinking cap on.

Well, it's about to happen! 

My name is John Cox, and I want our legislators to wear the logos of their top campaign donors when they are the Floor of the Assembly and the Senate. The ballot initiative is that simple.
Have you ever seen a NASCAR driver decked out in the logos of his sponsors? Everyone knows who writes his checks, who pays his bills, and what corporations he is paid to support. 
Our politicians are paid to do the same thing. They legislate on behalf of their sponsors. They testify in defense of special interests. They pass laws that damage our state and sell out California's citizens.
I have spent my life fighting corruption, and I think it's about time we said, "Enough is enough!" This is the first step. We need to make the bribery and graft that is so pervasive in our state a red letter issue that can't be ignored.

If you would like to know more, visit our website:
And most importantly, if you think corruption needs to be brought to light in California, download and sign our petition today. And get as many of your friends and family to sign it as well!
John Cox
Paid for by Committee for the Name All Sponsors Candidate Accountability Reform Initiative 15-0097, with major funding by John Cox

Wouldn't it be fun asking them why so many are owned by corrupt drug cartels?

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