Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Feds Waste $1.6 Million Studying The 'Troublesome' Product Of "Malt Liquor"

Get Congress to make it illegal, (not going to happen because of the Tax revenues it generates, and we Tried that once already anyway) or get your Tax Wasting, Nanny State Behaviorist noses Out of it, unless of course, "Hope Remains For A Cure" which will morph into increased profits for psychiatric drug peddlers and their related support crew, Again, on everybody Else's money.

Via FreeBeacon:
The National Institutes of Health spent over $1.6 million studying the “troublesome product” of malt liquor.
The four-year study conducted by the University of Minnesota is looking into how cities can pursue prohibition laws against malt liquor, seeking the most effective measures that could be used against the adult beverage.
“Malt liquor is a troublesome product for communities,” the grant for the project states. “Malt liquor is a lager beer with a higher alcohol content than regular beer (4-5 vs. 6-8%), and is associated with frequent daily drinking, heavy drinking, and with problem behaviors such as theft, disorderly conduct, assaults, and panhandling.”
“About one-third of the largest U.S. cities have adopted policies to restrict malt liquor often overcoming significant hurdles to do so,” according to the grant. “To date, there have been no studies in the published literature that have evaluated the effectiveness of these policies. Rigorous evaluation studies are needed to address current gaps in assessing the effectiveness of malt liquor policies.” 

Thank You Bill and Free Beacon,  

"how cities can pursue prohibition laws against malt liquor"

The question has already been addressed at the Federal Constitutional level, meaning cities prohibiting the stuff is itself prohibited.

18th Amendment

21st Amendment

And thank you Very much for the Roaring Twenties and organized crime families that the Last round of Govt intervention in this area gave us.

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