Wednesday, February 24, 2016

GOP Senate Judiciary Committee Confirms: NO Hearing, NO Vote on Obama SCOTUS Nominee

Good. Let's see if they've got the integrity to back it.
No more Kagans.

Thanks Nick.

Here's a list/post to mail to your GOP-ers in the Senate IF, they waffle. Tell them you want to know why, and that you vote.

The Nachumlist has;
Kagen Mania:

Elena Kagan Mania
Kagan manipulated report to protect partial-birth abortion
Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court has complicated the government’s effort to force the tobacco industry to cough up nearly $300 billion. If confirmed by the Senate as a justice, Kagan would have to sit out the high court’s review of the government’s decade-old racketeering lawsuit against cigarette makers. That’s because she already has taken sides as solicitor general, signing the Obama administration’s Supreme Court brief in the case — an automatic disqualifier.
“Moderate” Elena Kagan Donated to Extreme Left Political Candidate in 2006- Kagan made a maximum contribution ($500) to the campaign of John Bonifaz who was running for the Democratic nomination to be Secretary of the Commonwealth of MA.  
Kagan: Confirmation Hearings are a "Charade"
Questions surround Kagan's handling of White House eco-terrorist controversy --n 1995 and 1996, future Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan was involved in a bizarre controversy in which the Clinton White House was accused of siding with an eco-terrorist group locked in a standoff with federal agents deep in the woods of Oregon. The incident led to an investigation by House Republicans, who concluded that a staffer on the White House Council on Environmental Quality tipped off the environmental radicals to impending action by U.S. Forest Service law enforcement agents -- a leak that Forest Service officials believed endangered the lives of their agents on the ground.Kagan, at the time an associate White House counsel, had no role in leaking the feds' plans to the radicals, but House Committee on Natural Resources investigators concluded she shirked her responsibility by not searching for the source of the leak or pushing for punishment of the leaker.
Kagan Thesis: The decline of U.S. socialism is “sad” for those looking to “change America”
Kagan's Hidden, But Obvious, Agenda

Thank You Nachumlist.

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