Monday, August 3, 2015

Planned Parenthood Exposed Has Democrats In Red Alert Panic: Headline Links

It's not that today is really that different from any other day, but the Planned Parenthood/Eugenic Cleansing debacle has the Left in a full, flat out Spin Cycle Meltdown.
These 1st 3 are from pg 1 at weaselzippers.

Dem Rep Lois Frankel Attacks "Insidious Effort By Extremists To Cut Planned Parenthood's Funding

Hillary Clinton Releases Video Defending Planned Parenthood From GOP's "Full On Assault"

Harry Reid Tries To Pretend Planned Parenthood Isn't An Abortion Mill

And just a bit Earlier:

Move Along Folks, Move Along, Nothing To See Here:

Planned Parenthood President Visited White House 39 Times Since Obama Took Office

At CNSNews:

Obama: Killing To Harvest Body Parts Is A 'Foolish Tradition' . . . In Africa 

A Human rather than Humanist perspective:

Sorry Planned Parenthood But All Human Suffering Can Be Redeemed

And (Our Title):

Republicans Schedule Toothless, Political Theater Show Trial On Defunding Planned Parenthood

From Townhall (As Senator Cruz Told Us it would be when he called RINO Majority Ldr McConnell a Liar)

Defund Planned Parenthood Bill Defeated In Senate

Don't you just love our two party system?

Even This isn't enough for the Left.

They are so upset, contemptuous, and frightened of the Citizens they Cannibalize that they want their feckless, Bipartisan opposition destroyed.

Not merely defeated at the polls, but wiped out of existence.

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