Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Obama Allows Chinese Communist Police To Operate In America


Can we just surrender now?

Daniel Greenfield August 17, 2015
Don't worry. Obama will stand up to China for the Philippines, right after he stands up for America. But first he has to put all the Chinese agents in this country on double secret probation.
American officials said they had solid evidence that the Chinese agents — who are not in the United States on acknowledged government business, and most likely are entering on tourist or trade visas — use various strong-arm tactics to get fugitives to return. The harassment, which has included threats against family members in China, has intensified recently, officials said.
The F.B.I. and the Department of Homeland Security are in charge of tracking the activities of foreign government agents inside the United States, and American officials said that both agencies had amassed evidence about the Chinese law enforcement agents by speaking to Chinese expatriates and by monitoring the agents themselves.
Don't worry. Obama is on top of this.
The Chinese government has officially named the effort Operation Fox Hunt.
The American warning, which was delivered to Chinese officials in recent weeks and demanded a halt to the activities, reflects escalating anger in Washington about intimidation tactics used by the agents...
The anger... it's really escalating. Don't make Obama angry or he'll ask you to stop what you're doing.
State Department officials would not say whether the warning carried any threats of penalties.
It carried the threat of... another warning.
If the FBI were illegally operating in China, the authorities would, at best, immediately deport them. You don't allow someone else's police to operate on your own soil without permission. When you do that, you don't have a country.
Are these ChiCom thugs also DREAMERS? Are we "separating families" by deporting them or "damaging trust" in immigrant communities? Why not just let the People's Army set up shop here.
It is unclear whether the F.B.I. or the Department of Homeland Security has advocated within the Obama administration to have the Chinese agents expelled from the country, but the White House decision to have the State Department issue a warning to the Chinese government about the activities could be one initial step in the process.
How about just expelling them?
The PRC knows they're here illegally. We know they're here illegally. What is Obama waiting for? For the PRC to be intimidated by him? Even Luxembourg won't be intimidated by him.
That reluctance reflects divisions with the Obama administration over how aggressive to publicly confront China on a number of security issues.
How about bowing to them? That works.
For instance, the White House has gone out of its way to avoid making any public accusations that the Chinese government ordered the computer attack on the Office of Personnel Management, which led to the theft of millions of classified personnel files of government workers and contractors. While James R. Clapper Jr., the director of national intelligence, initially said that “you have to kind of salute the Chinese for what they did,” he avoided repeating that accusation when pressed again in public on the matter.
That's not an accusation. That's admiration.
So we've got a top security official in the US who admires China for hacking America,  but then is afraid to repeat that because it might offend China.
Can we just surrender now? That's what Obama has effectively done. I don't see China doing any more damage when running our country than Obama has.
Thank You Mr Greenfield and FPM.

ECU | International psychology for exchange students ...

Fourteen ECU psychology students got the chance to investigate how psychological knowledge and practices are applied in Chinese society through the inaugural two-week study tour in Tianjin and Beijing, China.

Led by Professor Ken Greenwood, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Computing, Health and Science, and Psychology Lecturer Associate Professor Paul Chang, the group attended a range of lectures at Nankai University, went on cultural site visits and interacted with the local community.
“One great experience was karaoke with our Chinese buddies,” ECU student Alyce Rainbow said.
“It was a fun exposure to their leisure time.”
Students also visited an aged care facility, which Alyce found this to be one of the most valuable parts of the trip.
“We arrived during their waltz practice and ended up joining in,” Alyce said.
 “It was a fantastic chance to interact with the people living at the home and learn about their culture.”
During their visit the students climbed the Great Wall of China, walked around the famous Beijing National Stadium (the Bird’s Nest) and roamed around Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.
“Students adjusted superbly well to their new environments despite being out of their comfort zones.”
“They were wonderful ambassadors for their university and their country.  Many were also very brave in trying out Chinese foods that they had never seen before,” Professor Chang said.
“They were also able to impart a great deal of knowledge about Australia to their Chinese ‘buddies,’ leaving them with a wholly positive opinion about Australia and Australians.”
For more information on upcoming opportunities in 2013, visit the Study Overseas website or search for the Study Overseas Blackboard community from the Blackboard homepage.

Is it any wonder the US Veterans Administration has Never had a Positive Outcome, from its Psy-Corps??

A review of existing algorithms, including VA National Guidelines, APA, the Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP), and PORT was conducted. After careful consideration, a modified version of TMAP was selected, and named the New Jersey Algorithm.
The sequence includes two trials of atypical antipsychotics followed by a Clozaril trial. If no favorable response is observed, a third atypical neuroleptic is tried, followed by a typical neuroleptic, followed by a combination of antipsychotic medications. The consensus of the internal advisory committee was to provide a flexible algorithm that will allow for minor modifications as new research is disseminated. Though a positive outcome has not been observed with the NJ Algorithm to date,researchers suspect that a larger sample size might generate significant findings in the future."

What is our Govt. doing attempting to reprogram our Veterans with mind control tactics garnered in Communist China?

What kind of person would want to go to Communist China to study mental/political re-education?

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