Wednesday, May 27, 2015

State Depts First Ever "LGBTI Envoy" Seeking Global LGBTI Rights During 15 Country Tour


The State Dept, post H Rod. Never mind the Middle East, and ISIS. We have more important issues.

What the …?
LGBTI in not a misprint, the new “I” stands for intersex.
Via CNS News:
( – Randy Berry, the State Department’s first envoy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) persons, said on Tuesday he is leaving on a 15-country, five-week trip to encourage foreign governments to include protection for homosexuals in their constitutions. 
Speaking at the United States Institution of Peace in Washington, D.C., ahead of a panel of gay rights activists from around the world, Berry said gay rights and human rights are “issues we hold very, very dear.” Civil conflict around the globe that leads to constitutional change offers a “unique opportunity” to advance those rights, he added.
“Constitutional change has provided a unique opportunity for groups to mobilize for their members’ rights and for recognition,” Berry said. 
He did not say which countries he will be visiting.
“Constitutions and constitutional courts are powerful tools to protect rights of members of minority groups,” Berry said, adding that some foreign governments are “addressing the rights of members of the oppressed and marginalized populations through the context of their constitutional drafting processes.”

Thank You Mr Stone and CNS. 

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